Benefits of Concept Star - ISM software

Concept Star allows you to link ideas together and build a higher-level concept from a collection of seemingly disjoint ideas.

Concept Star addresses most communication problems that plague a group problem solving environment, such as lack of common language and importance of buy-in of solutions.

Specific benefits for Management Consultants

Management consultants face a wide variety of situations where the client has a fuzzy problem that needs an effective process to formulate a solution. These problems generally span a number of departments or divisions. Concept Star process makes facilitation easier because it provides a structured method for involving people from various areas of expertise to come together and:

Typically, groups using Concept Star resolve a complicated problem in less than half the time that conventional decision methods would have taken. Other major benefits include rational discussion of the important issues and new knowledge sharing within the group. Concept Star is welcomed in the high technology industry as it shows the logic behind decisions.

Concept Star decision support system is easy to learn & use. Concept Star professional software and training package is reasonably priced and includes all materials needed to learn and use Concept Star effectively.