Concept Star
Facilitates Buy-In of Solutions

How Concept Star process overcomes conflict in strategic planning sessions

Concept Star uses a structured decision making process that prevents people from trying to push their ideas without first going through discovery and analysis. This makes the participants more receptive to others' ideas. The process does not permit discussion of the merits or drawbacks of ideas until the third phase of the decision making process.

  1. The first phase is for creating and clarifying ideas. Clarification involves brief discussion of each idea to ensure all participants have a common understanding. Critique of ideas is not permitted. Ideas may be identified as requiring further research if there is a general lack of knowledge. Concept Star process can deal with many ideas.
  2. The 2nd phase is for analysis of the interrelationships or links between ideas within the context of the situation. This is a focussed structured discussion during which participants gain a lot of knowledge and understanding of the situation and significant new insights. (Concept Star software tracks the links between ideas and displays the relationship map)
  3. The third phase of the decision making process is for analysis of the merits & drawbacks of the ideas and selection of decision making criteria. By now, people have good knowledge and understanding of the issues necessary to make logical decisions.

Verbally aggressive & manipulative people, who are accustomed to getting their way, may find these sessions to be rather unsettling. However, most people enjoy the sessions because:

Concept Star decision support system is easy to learn & use. Concept Star professional software and training package is reasonably priced and includes all materials needed to learn and use Concept Star effectively.