Concept Star
A General Purpose Management Tool

Concept Synthesis

One of the important procedures offered in Concept Star software is the 'linking' of elements. This process creates a visual map of all the ideas that were selected by the user for developing the model (ISM). The model is created based on the user's input regarding the type of connection between these ideas or elements. The software presents a visual map (diagraph) when the above activitiy is completed by the user.

Human brain is very good at recognizing patterns in visual information (many optical illusions are based on this capability). The user (or the team as the case may be) is now easily able to surface and develop the 'concept' using the visual map. In a typical session, several relavent concepts are generally recognized. This process of recognizing and extraction of concepts, ideas and stories from the visual map is called 'concept synthesis'. ISM software such as Concept Star that is capable of presenting the visual map in real time is the only tool currently available that can offer this powerful concept synthesis capability to the user. Joining ideas to come up with solutions, or achieve deeper understanding of a problem is the most powerful creative technique available today.

Roger von Oech - one of worlds foremost authorities on creativity quotes Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Nobel Prize winner) in his book 'A whack on the side of the head'.

"discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different"

Concept Star software provides the ability for the user to do just that.

For more information about how Concept Star works click Concept Star basics.

Concept Star decision support system is easy to learn & use. Concept Star professional software and training package is reasonably priced and includes all materials needed to learn and use Concept Star effectively.