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Transitive Logic

ISM is based on the mathematical concept of Transitive Logic. This concept is used to reduce the number of comparisons (and thus time) needed to construct the ISM. Transitive Logic is also used to simplify the topology of the visual model. Transitive Logic states that for any 3 elements (A, B, C) with a given relation (à) when:

For example:

Applying transitive logic also means that for any 3 elements (A, B, D) with a given relation, when:

For example:

Another example is:

Concept Star software uses this type of logic to infer some of the relationships, based on answers already given by the user. The number of inferred answers in an ISM session will vary with the situation, but it is often in the order of 70% . This represents considerable time saving for practical use of ISM.

For more information about how Concept Star works click Concept Star basics.

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